When a photo is ordered standard it will be printed using a Lambda printer.

Within the Lambda photographic printer, there are three lasers, red, green and blue, which are merged into a single beam that simultaneously exposes the photographic material, producing the image in a single pass.


The photographic material is then processed in the same manner as traditional photography by developing the photographic material in a "wet" film processor.

It's photographic and the paper is light sensitive, the print of the image is in the emulsion of the paper and not on the surface!


  • All photographs are taken from the original negative or color slide

  • A certificate of authenticity will be added.


When a photo is ordered, standard, it will be printed using a Lambda printer.

Lambda photo print

A Lambda c-type print is a digital print produced using Durst’s Lambda machine – a photographic printing machine that uses three lasers (RGB – red, green and blue) merged into one beam to produce digital c-type prints on light-sensitive silver halide materials. Exposed paper is then traditionally ‘wet’ processed using photographic chemistry, in much the same manner as traditional photographic prints produced using negatives with an enlarger in a darkroom.


How do Lambda’s Digital Photos Differ from Inkjet or Electrostatic Printing Systems?

The Lambda directly exposes the light sensitive emulsions of photographic papers and backlit film (Duratrans), creating a continuous-tone photographic image. This eliminates inks and dot patterns.