This is the story of a son going through his dad’s stuff in the attic.

And in doing so, discovering thousands of original pictures of the biggest stars that roamed the planet. 

Many of these photos have never been seen because they have been lying in boxes for the last 25 years.

Rare and unique pictures of international artists like: the Jackson 5, Janis Joplin, The Police, Diana Ross, Paul Simon, Santana, Earth Wind & Fire and Bruce Springsteen but also many Dutch artists like: Herman Brood, Henny Vrienten, Golden Earring.


Kees de Jong is a Dutch photographer (born September 6, 1941) who started his career making album covers for music artists.  He created a number of close friendships with these artists through but also outside of the lens.

It makes all the more sense that a record company asked him to be involved in their artist relations and promotional activities later on in his career.

He took thousands of photo's in various settings: the intimacy of back-stage settings or the on-stage extravaganza, capturing creativity of recording sessions as well as casual shots of artists being themselves.


Early 2017, his son Mick  [www.mickdejong.photos] started to digitalize the original negatives and slides that were collecting dust without anyone knowing about their existence. 

He wanted to share these unique moments in time with music lovers all around the world. 

Kees, in the background, taking photos (at 2 minutes 35 seconds).

The Police | PinkPop (Geleen) | 04/06/1979